Disney Credit Card

If you have been shopping around for the Disney Credit Card options that are available, there are two available and they are the Disney Credit Card-Rewards Visa and Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa. Even though we have provided you the APR and other informative links for the Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa, we want to kind of take this time to compare the two of them for you. Well, the Rewards card doesn't have an annual fee and also promotes its 1% rewards program. The Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa charges their $49 annual fee and offers its 2% rewards program with bonuses at the gasoline station, grocery store, restaurants, and certain Disney locations. The Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa also offers 1% for purchases everywhere else. These percentages are on the total amounts charged.

 The Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa was brought out by Disney in 2012. The bigger differences between it and the rewards card is that the Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa offers its 2% cash back, has an annual fee, and will let you use your funds to redeem for airline tickets. Everything else regarding the two cards is exactly the same. It just seems like it really doesn't seem that advantageous for someone to get the Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa unless they are someone who will be using it for close to $5,000 in purchases in the areas where the Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa give the 2% cash back.

The cards promoted by Disney are really just for those who are huge fans of Disney and purchase lots of Disney products and that type of thing. So really, unless you're a huge fan of Disney, you won't really get the point of their Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa or the rewards card either for that matter. The biggest draw of the Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa even for the avid Disney fans happens to be all of the additional benefits you get because you have the card, not for the APR or any of those important things. Things such as the two to three day head start you will get if you are trying to make dinner reservations at the park for their free promotion. Also because of the Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa you get an additional discount on entry for the theme park, zero interest for six months on any Disney trips as well as meet and greets with the characters.

For all of the hardcore fanatics of Disney, the Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa is likely going to be very appealing to you because after all, it was created for you. All of the extra benefits and special privileges you will get especially when you visit the happiest place on earth will be all awesome when you are feeling extra special in the Disney Theme Park. In light of the fact that some people really do spend upwards to $5,000 within a good three months or so, we do encourage you that if you are also fans of Disney it would be something to think about with getting the Disney Credit Card-Premier Visa.